New In: Cath Kidston Ditsy Floral Dress





As you know from one of my previous posts, I’m currently working on curating a wardrobe filled with clothes I actually adore and want to wear; it’s a process that isn’t going to happen over night (I mean, maybe if I was a millionaire, but I’m not), so this is something I started working on last month and will continue to do so for the next couple of months or so. You can catch up on my previous posts discussing the two parts I’ve already completed: 1. coming to realisation & planning, 2. Finding inspiration for my new wardrobe.

Now that I do have my inspiration in place and have an very clear understanding of the type of garments and pieces I want in wardrobe, I can start putting together a list of pieces I know I will love, wear and cherish in my wardrobe. I have kick-started this process and this is one of the first dresses I have added to my wardrobe.

So, what features about this dress made me pick it and fall in love with it? Well, firstly the overall shape of he dress where it comes in at the waist and has a aline skirt at the bottoms – I always love this style and likes how it skims over my hips. It doesn’t hug the areas I don’t want it too, it’s has a lovely flow to it. The V-neck neckline was something I was a little unsure about but I actually do really like it and have come to love after wearing it out. This dress comes just below the knees which I adore! As you would have seen from my inspiration post, the details I am looking for in my dresses is a longer length as I feel it gives a more elegant look, plus I don’t have to worry about how my thighs look either. It’s got little tie-knot detailing on the cuffs of the arms which I think adds a sweet touch to the overall feel of the dress. And well, this beautiful, bold pink & blue floral print is just everything feminine and I LOVE it.

The material of the dress is thin and a little silly making it the perfect dress for the season. As for price point I picked this up in Catch Kidston’s sale for £55. (I picked it up in store and can’t actually find it online but they do have lots of other alternatives) It also fits true to size, as I find all of Cath Kidston dresses do.

Have you picked up any amazing steals in the sales yet?





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