Hello July 18

When I woke this morning I didn’t even realise it was the July 1st until Al mentioned it and as always I got this burst of happiness and excitement for a new month ahead. I love it when a new month starts on a Sunday, I feel as though it’s the world giving us time to relax, prepare and plan for the month ahead. It also means we’re more likely to start it on a good note, well for me as I do love Sundays!

June was a GREAT month, celebrated my beautiful sister’s birthday, went to Dublin for a short break and saw HAIM and Taylor Swift live – which has been my dream since I was 13! She was honestly amazing and I can’t believe it has actually now happened. HAIM were incredible too and we were a couple of rows from the front which was amazing.

I’ve spent the majority of my weekends in the garden water-colour painting and it has honestly been blissful – It’s my favourite thing to de-stress at the moment and just listen to the birds and watch the wildlife in our garden. We are so lucky to live where we do, it makes the perfect relaxing spot for weekends. Today Al actually joined me and we both painted Hobbit Homes onto canvases, we’re going to hang them up in our hallway.

For July I want to pick back up my reading, and spend time in the evening unwinding with a book – It used to be my favourite thing to do but as what always happens in life for some reason I stopped and I do miss it. I bought a new book yesterday which I have started to read and hoping to have it finished by the end of July. Or, at least thats the plan.

The weather has been beautiful throughout June and it’s looking as if July is going to be similar, though I must admit today is a little unbearable as its not sunny it is just very humid and sticky, I just don’t know how to sit/stand/be.

I don’t have too many plans for July but we shall see what comes. I hope its filled with more sunshine, evenings in the garden, delicious summer food and quality time with Al. Hope it’s glorious for you all too!

Speak soon,

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2 thoughts on “Hello July 18

  1. I’m seeing Taylor in out two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. Your June sounded AMAZING. Dublin?? I’m so jealous. Can’t wait to see what July brings you! Do you have a review of Rep Tour on your blog? So happy I found your blog!

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