Sunday Series Vol. 6

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts this week; on Wednesday Al & I flew to Dublin for 3 nights to see HAIM at The Olympia Theatre and Taylor Swift at Croke Park – it was honestly such an incredible few days and I feel so blessed to have been able to attend both, my dreams have honestly come true! I’d been waiting TEN YEARS to see Taylor and now I have – I just can’t believe it.

I thought I would get back into things with a little Sunday roundup…

  1. The Beauty Guru’s Guide to Healthy Summer Strands by Lauren Conrad

    It’s come to that time of year in the UK where if the blue skies aren’t here then it’s either raining or really humid & muggy weather which I really don’t like as it plays havoc with my hair (and wardrobe). As soon as I step outside my hair will go *poof* and within seconds it is frizzy, dry and can’t be tamed. So, when I saw this post on I couldn’t wait to jump right in and see what the team recommend. Even though I already knew a few of the tips shared, it’s always good to have them reiterated and clear in your mind. If you’re suffering too, then take a read!

  2. Simple Ways To Sleep Better Tonight by Olivia Silk on Lust Living

    Recently, Alex has been struggling sleeping at night, so I’ve been doing a little research on a few simple tips and tricks to help him get get a better nights sleep. I think his lack of sleep recently has been due to stress from work so I was looking for ideas to help him relax. I stumbled across this post (linked above) on Lust Living with some simple ways to help you get a better nights sleep including drinking more water as well as some products she uses. I will definitely be recommending some of these to Alex, even though they are ‘girly’ products, if they can help then I know he’ll be all for using them.

  3. How To Build Up A Collection Of Beautiful Imagery For Your Blog by Amanda Start 

    Amanda Start, author of Online Stylist not only lives local to me but is also one of my favourite bloggers and this particular post she posted last month I’ve been trying to put into action – Building up a collection of beautiful images for my blog and (mainly) Instagram. Where I already work in social media for a group of hotels, I sometimes find it a bit much to keep up with my own every day, but this is something I am working on. With Amanda’s tips of building up a bank of images, or making the most of every shoot you do and being a little or a lot more organised you can easily have plenty to post as and when you want or need too. Sounds like something you need a hand with? Then be sure to have a read…

  4. Camille’s Summer Reading List by Camille Styles

    If there is one thing I love more than a fashion haul, it’s a book haul. When I have the time I LOVE settling down with a book and getting completely and utterly lost in it. With summer here, my weekends are being spent in the garden and it makes for the perfect time to start reading a good book. This week Camille shared her top books for reading in the summer sunshine and there are some good’ens featured – Now all I have to decide is which to read first!

  5. Simply Stocks & Peonies 

    This one isn’t an article, there are no tips of tricks, it’s just something I’ve fallen in love with, today! After landing back home yesterday this morning I had a few errands to run and for me errands always include picking up some fresh blooms. Obviously, as it’s peony season I just had to pick some up but I also picked up some STUNNING ‘Simply Stocks’ which I’ve bunched together in vases with peonies and together they look so so so beautiful, I just can’t stop looking at them. (Follow the link above to see them on my IG)


Wishing you all a lovely week ahead, and hopefully the sunshine will reappear!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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