The Sunday Series vol.2

Welcome to volume two of my Sunday Series; as it’s Al’s birthday today (Happy 25th, my love!) and my birthday next weekend, I thought I would make this one a little birthday related.

  1. If there is one way I like to celebrate my birthday then it has to be with a cocktail or two, whether that’s heading out to a local spot with friends or making one at home. I’ve been searching BBC Good Food for some recipes to try, my favourites include apple, elderflower & gin, vodka & cranberry crush and of course one of faves, a classic cosmopolitan.
  2. Birthday cakes are a must in my family, they’re the perfect end to a day of celebrations with a cuppa on the sofa. For the first few years with Al, I always made Al a birthday cake but now I just don’t have the time, which I hate, but I have bought him a delicious carrot cake which he will love. Though, if you do have time, Olive Magazine have some of the best birthday cake recipes: from a peanut butter layer cake to a traditional Victoria sponge and the ultimate birthday cheesecake, they have something for every type of sweet tooth.
  3. Every birthday I like to treat myself to a birthday dress or outfit and this year won’t be any different. I haven’t found my perfect outfit yet though but going to do plenty of searching this week and get one in time for Friday! I’m looking for something sixties inspired. It’s my favourite era of fashion and you can find the vibes I’m loving here on my Pinterest page.
  4. When it comes to gift wrap, I like to go all out. This year for Al’s I’m using some I got from Cox and Cox a few month a go. But, my favourite place to find the best gift wrap online is Not On The High Street – They have a huge variety and some really lovely prints and patterns, my favourites include this lemon print which you can get personalised and this stunning summer bloom wrapping paper set.

Now, time to go celebrate with Al – See you next week!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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