Hello April

Every time a new month comes by I am always so shocked at how quick the last month went and just how fast this year is flying by. When April hits, it’s always a little more ‘omg’ because it’s my birthday month, and this year I will be turning 23 and it’s all a little shocking. Every year when my birthday comes around I just can’t believe that I am in adult life, I made it through school, college and university and now I’m here, doing my dream job in social media, driving my dream car and hoping to purchase my first home this year! But, all of my thoughts about turning 23 and my 22nd year of life I will save for another post.

March was a strange month, it started off on a very snowy note, then the weather perked up again and we all thought spring was coming and then it snowed again and now it just won’t stop raining! (Gosh, I am SO British with the way I go on about the weather, sorry about that!)

Because of all the rain, I spent a lot of my spare time at home, which is fine, it’s been nice to rest. At the end of the month (only a few days ago) I got a new camera so I can create better content, you’ll see some of this from next week – I hope you like it!

March was a pretty good month in terms of work, highlights include meeting Liz Earle, having lunch with her, her fabulous team and my MD, who invited me – I was more than happy to join!

I did a little shopping but haven’t had the chance to wear much of it yet, which is very annoying – Just need the spring weather to arrive, I guess I’ll just keep hoping.

At the beginning of this week, we saw Niall Horan live which was really good and the best Monday night I have had in a long time.

March has ended with a four day weekend, which I am v. happy about – It’s nice to have some decent time off.

As for April, I am excited to see what it brings, to kick-start it with Easter and a couple of days off work, to celebrate both mine and my lovely Al’s birthday and see the beginning of spring weather, hopefully! I’m excited for blossom trees, picnic weather, and everything else that comes with warm weather; bike rides to get croissants, afternoon tea in the garden, gardening in the afternoon sunshine – oh I just can’t wait!

I hope April is start of fresh beginnings, warm weather, beautiful days and more for you all.

Speak soon,

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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