March Payday Wishlist

March Payday Wishlist



And payday is here again! March payday has come around quicker than most thanks to the bank holiday weekend here in the UK, though for the last few weeks I have had very minimal funds, but pleased to see it back up again (even if it is just for a little while)!

For the past few weeks I have been perusing my favourite online stores, as per, and out together a few of the pieces I am loving most and are at the top of my list for purchasing this coming month. April, is also my birthday month and there is only one thing I love to do on my birthday and that is shopping! Retail therapy is a must, and it’s always my favourite shop of the year. I like to out away a little more than usual and save as many pennies as possible for this shop as I like to treat myself to pieces that are a little more luxurious and special – After all it is my birthday!

Above you can see quite a few of the pieces I am lusting over (and most-likely will be buying on my birthday shopping spree).

This pink H&M blazer is what spring style dreams are made off and at £35 is an absolute steal, I can’t wait to add it to my wardrobe! Blazers are one of those trends that is just growing and growing and I am firmly on the bandwagon – I currently have a few in my wardrobe but this one is just perfect for spring.

Also from H&M I have my eye on their pink suede loafers; I already have them in black which I wear almost on a daily basis and I know these pink beauties will get the same amount of wear this spring/summer. To add to my pink addition is this shoulder satchel bag that comes with a gorgeous scarf detailing – Don’t you just love it?

Personally, I prefer bralettes over bras and the selection found on H&M is lovely – They have a variation of colours and styles and they’re affordable too, from padded to underwired and just elastic, they have something for everyone. I tend to find bralettes more comfortable and also think they look super pretty. The two above are my faves, but you can find their full selection here.

Pinafores have been a go-to of mine for a fair few years now and New Look have the loveliest selection – the two above are fairly similar, just with different necklines and different colours but I adore them both. I find pinafores are perfect for day-to-day work/office outfits but great for weekending and evening outfits too. They’re also so easy to wear with a beautiful white blouse underneath or cute jumper and the outfit is complete!

As always there is a new beret on my list, and this time it’s this beautiful lilac one from ASOS. I honestly think lilac will be the colour of the season. Though this would be the 8th in my collection, and even I must admit, that is a little excessive!

Those are my favourite bits from my wish list, but the other stores I’m keeping an eye on are Mango, they’re really upping their game at the moment!

What’s on your wish list? Are their any stores you think I should check out – Let me know!

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