All photographs were sourced from Pinterest and are not my own.  PHOTO CREDIT: (top tow from left to right) 1. Memorandom, 2. This Is Glamourous, 3. Sara Strand, 4. (bottom row from left to right) 1. Mildred Schmitd, 2. Audrey Hemmerstone, 3. Nudevotion, 4 Lydia Elise Millen 


Now, this may seem a little premature but I’m patiently waiting for spring to arrive. Don’t get me wrong I love autumn/winter but as soon as January hits, spring is the season I’m lusting over; the days get warmer, beautiful flowers start to bloom, blossoms trees take-over our Instagram feeds and everything becomes brighter and warmer – Just talking about it makes me feel all excited inside!

When a new season is upon us, I always take to Pinterest to start pinning away and gathering inspiration for the upcoming months and today I wanted to share with you the pins I’m loving most and the colours and styles I can’t wait to wear. 

Colours: The colour palette I’m loving for spring consists of beautiful blush tones and white. Why? Because I simply adore the simplicity of these shades, how they all match together seamlessly and add that feminine touch to any outfit. 

Styles: Collars, collars, collars! Now this is a style that I will not be saving for spring. I am obsessing over them now and well, always have (and always will)! I have fallen back in love with pussy-bow blouse, peterpan collars, shirts and blouses with interesting collars in different shapes and sizes – but keeping in with the feminine style I know and love. 

Pleats please! I haven’t bought a dress or skirt with perfectly neat pleats in a long time, but is a style I’m looking to add back into my wardrobe as soon as I can! They’re the perfect feminine detail and make any outfit look put-together and chic. 

Structure and fit – From a perfectly structured handbag to perfectly fitting garments, these two things can turn a casual looking outfit into something a little smarter, which I just adore. A accessory I’ll be looking to add to my wardrobe is a structured, box-shaped handbag. As for fit of garments, it’s all about shopping smarter, finding clothes that fit properly and not settling for something just because its there. 

Are you looking forward to spring? Are there any styles, colours or trends that you can’t wait to wear and add to your wardrobe?

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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