If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my post featuring the above quote. As I mentioned in the caption one of my New Year resolutions is to push my boundaries more, be less afraid, to do more but worry less and never apologies for who I am. Something I have always struggled is being true to myself. 

As a sufferer of anxiety it can be hard for me to do the simplest of things like go to the hair-dressers, book an eye test, eat out in a restaurant I’ve never been before; things like this honestly terrify me. But not anymore – well kind off. I’m trying my absolute best this year to combat all of these fears that fill my mind. Today I wanted to share with you how I’m going about doing it and what I’m doing to combat this. 

  1. HOW? I’m starting small and making little changes. For example, Al and I have started trying out a new pub once a week. Now, to any other person this may seem like an easy and fun thing to do. But for me, it fills my mind with dread! We started this last week and I did well and managed to stay for the whole meal. Often, we have to leave and pull into McDonalds so I can just eat something from the car. I’m venting my thoughts more. I did this last year and am continuing to this year, keep a journal. I bought a beautiful 365 journal from Kikki-K and every day I jot down thoughts and what I got up to, celebrating the little victories and reflecting on the bad moments.

    I’m trying to alter my state of mind – I’m trying to remember to not give a f**k what anyone else thinks of me, the way I dress, how I look, my size or anything. Why? Because I know that letting go of all of this worry that surrounds this will lead to a healthier life, letting me be myself and do what I want to do! 

  2. WHAT? So, what have I started to do more to help with combating these feelings and thoughts? Well, I’ve started taking outfits pictures for my blog. This is something I have wanted to for so so so long, literally like 5 years but have struggled so much with confidence. I didn’t want people looking at me in the street having my picture taken, I hated what is saw in the pictures and cared way too much about what everyone else would think of me. What they would think of what I was wearing, what I looked like and what they thought of me having a blog etc. SO MUCH WORRY, for absolutely no reason. I know that if I want to make this blogging thing work, I need to learn to be myself, dress the way I want and really showcase to my readers my personal style and who I am. I do not need to care about any negative thoughts others have of me and to just go out there and get the content I want. Fashion bloggers who do this for a living, do it, so why can’t I? Well, I can! I’ve started of with taking the photographs in locations where I feel comfortable, and I’m feeling so proud of myself. I’ve been stepping myself out of my comfort zone, with making friends with new people, meeting up in new places, wearing clothes that I truly love and not giving a damn about what others may think. Last night I wore these beautiful pink trousers (coming to the blog soon) and LOVED wearing them. 

    I could go on and on and on about this sort of stuff, but I don’t want to bore you all to death, so I’m going to leave it here. 

I guess I just wanted to say that, this quote is ever so true. Never be afraid to be yourself, let go of all the fears of what others think of you and just be yourself. Trust me, when you do you will feel elevated and a new found happiness. Now, I’m not saying you won’t have down-days and days where you for some reason are caring a little too much(in fact I”m having one of those days as I write this, but writing it out is helping me). Remember, celebrate the little victories, take the smallest of steps that will add up to the biggest of leaps. This time next year, you’ll look back and and be so glad you took the steps to become yourself and you will be confident! 

If you have any reading recommendations related to finding your confidence and being happy with yourself, please do let me know in the comments. 

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