‘Basics’ are a must for any wardrobe, whether you class yourself as a fashionista or not, we all need them! When most of us think of ‘basics’ we think plain tees, neutral colours and lack of detail, but that is something I’m trying to change in my wardrobe and something I want to share with you today. ‘Basics’ don’t have to be boring or lack in beautiful detail, and can most-definitely be the finishing touch to either your every-day outfits or even workwear. 

The first item I want to talk about is this simple knitted-style tee that I picked up in Zara at the beginning of the month. It’s part of the Zara basic range and is something I would definitely class as basic item of clothing in my wardrobe, something that can work as  base for many outfits. However, with that said, it is all in the detailing; the pearls that line the neckline add personality to this top and I LOVE it. What would have been a boring knitted-tee is now a beautiful key piece of my outfit. 

This skirt is a little older, but has the same sentiment. It’s a neutral grey flippy skirt and looks like a basic. But, with the gold button detail down the middle, it’s got that extra flair adding the extra bit of detail to what otherwise would be a basic, slightly boring skirt. 

Once you have your main parts of your outfit sorted, it’s time to start adding the accessories. For this outfit, I added my cream boxy bag from ASOS (find similar here), with the gold hardware matching the buttons on the skirt, I thought it was the perfect fit. 

My trusty heeled brogues from Monsoon in Navy are one of my absolute go-tos and add just the right amount of height to this every-day look. 

Do you like looking for basics with that added flair?

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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