Transitional Parisian Style

Darlings, the classic British weather is back, the rain has barely stopped and I can’t remember the last day it didn’t rain. Now I know this may seem like a disaster for a lot of you but for me I am loving it because it means autumn is on its way – Eeek!

Though we do have the whole of August still to go, so the weather will pick up a little bit but we are guaranteed that the evenings will slowly get darker and the weather colder; and with that in mind I bring you my favourite Parisian style pieces perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn.

I have gathered all of these beautiful curated images from my favourite, Pinterest. Linked below will be the exact destination I found them.

First up is this beautifully thrown together outfit. It’s casual, comfy and completely perfect for those chilled Sundays, like today. A long-sleeved striped top is versatile and so easy to wear. Pair it with worn blue Mom jeans with frayed hems for an even more casual look. Oh, and of course those Gucci loafers are always a Parisian winner!

Photo credit: from We The People via Pinterest

A classic Parisian look that is probably one of my absolute favourites is a clean cut ivory blouse with a pussy bow tie tucked into a mini skirt – Simply lay it with a lose fit black blazer for an effortless city-chic look. It’s easy to wear for office days or simply on the weekends for a timeless, feminine outfit.

Photo credit: from Pretty Designs via Pinterest

When its pouring it down with rain and you know you’re going to have to dash about running errands or just attempting to get to work without getting drenched from head to toe, you need a fail-proof outfit that’s going to get you through the day. Smart trousers give you that put-together look and defines your body shape. Tuck in your favourite blouse, slip into your comfiest black flats and grab your biggest bag to keep all you need inside dry and safe – You’re  ready to go, just don’t forget your brolly!

Photo credit: from The Simply Luxurious Life via Pinterest

What are your favourite transitional pieces?




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