Hi darlings and welcome back

I recently picked up three pieces from Tanya Burr’s self-titled makeup collection. I hadn’t previously bought anything but always took a look at her new collections when they were released. Last weekend I decided to take the plunge, purchase a few and see what I thought.





  1. Tanya burr Matt Lip, in shade Martha Moo – I remember when this was first released last year and everyone went crazy for it. I spent months trying to get hold of this matt lipgloss that everyone was raving about, named after Tanya’s adorable little dog (so cute!) The shade is a warm, deep pink but when it drys I feel it has a slight coral-tone to it – A perfect shade for the season!
  2. Tanya Burr Illuminating Powder, in shade Warm Bronze – I saw Tanya had used this beautiful shimmer block as eyeshadow and thought the colour looked beautiful. It’s a true shimmer gold shade that has warm undertones and looks so lovely for these warm summer days. It’s really pigmented and I haven’t experienced any full out. Overall the actual product is spectacular, especially for the price. I’ve been using this simply all over my lip with my classic cat-eye for the past week and have to say I’m loving it.
  3. Tanya Burr Illuminating Powder, in shade Peonies Please – The shade of this is a perfectly-pretty-chic-pink – That’s the only way I can describe it! It literally is the shade of pink peonies with a beautiful shimmer running all the way through it. It is super pigmented so be careful when applying! I use this over the apples of my cheeks and it has become one of my favourite everyday makeup products. It is truly darling and adds the perfect rosy glow to my make-up look.

I’m really happy I took the plunge and purchased these pieces – Have any of you tried TB’s products? Let me know your thoughts.




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